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Cloud Development


From operational efficiency to the ability to scale on demand – that is the promise of server-less architecture. Whether you are looking to build, and deploy e-commerce/mobile applications, server-less web services for mobile applications;  run analytics on big data; you will need solutions that are ready for complexity, scalability, and accessibility.

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Serverless Applications

We build serverless web services to full blown SaaS applications. Our team has experience in delivering cloud solutions that follow industry best practices around scalability, operational efficiency, and security. Depending upon on the needs of the application we can architect solutions that just use simple services like AWS lambda, AWS RDS, and API Gateway to complex applications that leverage AWS Cognito, SQS, Cloud Front, Redis, S3, SNS, etc.  In addition to AWS, we have experience implementing solutions on other major public cloud systems such as Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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Infrastructure as Code

Want to setup your public cloud infrastructure such that migration from one vendor to another is relatively painless ? Our team of experts can design the ideal infrastructure that meets your current need and scales with growth; while maintaining portability by building it in code using industry standard tools like Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, etc.  With any technology there are limitations in cross platform migration and our consultants will advise on industry best practices while keeping your business objectives at the forefront. Our goal is to abstract dependencies through containerization, server-less functions, and other techniques leading to more streamlined, maintainable and performant infrastructure.

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Remote Configuration / Data Services / Mobile App Ancillary Services

Building a mobile application involves more than the native iOS/Android code. It requires a mobile first approach to infrastructure and other ancillary services. From remote configuration, identity management, push notifications to mobile first APIs, we not only build these solutions, but can also orchestrate the entire solution with machine learning in mind. Data is king when it comes to machine learning. Our mobile and machine learning experts will work with you to make sure the appropriate structured and unstructured data is being collected and made available to big data analytics and subsequently the appropriate ML model so as to generate actionable business insights. By creating an ML enabled feedback loop it enables our clients to refine their strategy as more users interact with their applications and new insights are discovered. Don’t have an ML strategy? Contact Us about our Insights Applied service.