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What Is RPA?

If you are new to this term, RPA means “Robotic Process Automation.” It is simple yet powerful software used to automate business processes. RPA can do multiple tasks, including but not limited to, logging in and extracting information from emails or documents attached, using this information to fill up forms online or on a platform, and more. This case is only one of the most common examples that our team in Ai Applied has seen for the majority of workplaces, such as Real Estate brokerages or Banks of how RPA can help to make life easy.


In other words, RPA is a software that allows you to build a robot that behaves like a human on a computer with repetitive tasks and calculations. This automation software will enable you to customize your robots (“RPA bots” or “bots”) and automate any business task or process.


These bots can learn on their own, e.g., Your robots use a website to login to an account and start a process. If this website or platform changes its layout, your bots learn to understand it and continue their process as usual.


You always have control, able to see what they are doing. You can teach these bots, clone them to perform other similar tasks, modify them to achieve more substantial or smaller jobs. All in a user-friendly environment.


In other words, RPA can become your digital workforce! Isn’t that exciting? A digital colleague that is transparent and supports you, working 24 hours a day, giving you space and time to focus on more critical tasks. Is it not that what real productivity and efficiency should be? Now we are talking.


Without the need to change the way you do business, RPA bots can interact with any system or application the same way a human would. But, without the mistakes! Furthermore, RPA can correct data to make calculations. There is no limit on how you can use RPA bots.


The time to set up RPA bots may vary from a few days up to a few weeks, but the return on investment is noticeable right away. Once the human workforce is free to focus on more sophisticated and creative tasks, or when customers have immediate feedback. All thanks to the ability of bots to use Machine Learning to do its job, and make our jobs easier.


Ai Applied has efficiently deployed bots in multiple industries. Starting with careful analysis of business processes, Ai Applied has helped companies become more efficient using RPA + Ai bots.

Karol Bu

As a product owner at Ai Applied, Karol uses her vast experience as an entrepreneur to help others and bring many businesses and products to live. Karol is keen on developing products and companies that care about the well-being of the planet.